Packard bell stuck on xp boot

Hi I have an old packard bell running windows xp about 2 weeks ago it started getting to the xp loading screen and just gets stuck there without going any further and stays that way till you switch it off.
Oddly enough if i unplug the usb devices from the back which are a logitech mosue and hp printer it boots fine and they work properly if plugged in after boot.
Using safe mode i did a system restore back to the day before it started doing this and all was well for a couple of days then the same problem occured.
Then i figured it may be the old usb ports causiing a problem so i insalled a usb 2.0 card since the onboard ports were 1.1 and again that worked fine for a few days but now the same problem has occured does anyone have an ideas if this is fixable without reinstalling windows?
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  1. using system restore, set it back to before the problem started, see if it works OK.
    If it works OK, turn off the windows automatic updates. Then continue to run it to see if it keeps working OK. Run it for a week or two just to test this.
    The problem may be that a windows automatic update, when loaded is changing the configuration of your computer. Do the above test to find out.
    Your old computer may not handle the automatic update correctly.
    You set it back, and it worked OK, until the automatic update loaded again, then the same problem happened again.
    Do you see where I'm going with this?
    Shutting off the updates and doing the above test may tell you what the cause of this problem is.
  2. thanks for the info i tried the rollback today and turned off automatic updates.
    All was fine for a bit then again the same problem occured.
  3. Did you try a rollback to two months ago? Six months ago? If so,
    I suppose we could eliminate updates as a cause.
    At this point, doing a repair install of the operating system is the next step. Do you have an XP disk? Do you have the computer driver disk?
    Are you able to get into safe mode and back up your personal files to a CD, or online backup service such as Mozy? Better do that now.
    Unfortunately, it seems that the OS is corrupted. A repair install without reformatting can usually solve that.
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