2x raptor 150gb new generation or SSD Intel 64 gb and 250 gb Spinpoint

What should I go for? I want a blazing fast system. My system is generel i7 x58.

2x new generation 150gb raid 0 or SSD + Spinpoint 250gb.
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  2. I dont recommend either for blazing fast performance. If you want blazing fast performance, you need SSDs in a striped raid setup.

    This is what I went for:
    4x 60GB OCZ Solid Series Core SSD raid 0 - 128K Stripe on ICH10R controller (240gb total).


    These are the solid series SSDs by ocz, and they don't have the 'freezing' issue that other SSDs have. HDTach reports my read/write speeds as between 400-500MB/sec, which is pretty sick, all without a separate raid controller. If I bought a separate controller that my increase to 450-550MB/sec, but thats really not necessary at these speeds. Anyway, thats about 3x the performance you would see with 2x new generation traditional drives or a single SSD setup.

    These disks from OCZ come in 30gb, 60gb, 120gb, and 250gb versions, and have VERY good reviews, unlike OCZs other lines of SSDs (core series have freezing issues, solid series do not). They key to 'blazing fast' is the 4x raid 0. SSDs actually double their performance when you put them in a raid 0, unlike traditional drives. Every time you add a disk to the raid, increase the read/write speeds by 100MB/sec. lol. That is impossible with traditional drives. I couldn't be happier with my setup. So buy them based on size and your budget. They are MUCH MUCH cheaper than the Intel SSDs.

    If you are x58, I'm assuming you have the ICH10R controller on your board. As a side note, an 'unwritten' rule about raid setups on this controller (maybe other intel controllers too) is that you need to put these drives in sequential order when you plug them in or else you will get crappy performance. For example, my board has 6 SATA ports on this controller. I plugged my drives into 1-4. You can't do this 1,2,4,5 or 1,3,4,5, etc, get my drift? Something about the logic in the controller breaks if the drives aren't in sequential ports. Weird. Easy enough to stick to that rule though. :) BTW I dont even think it takes 30 seconds to a full boot into windows vista lol.

    fyi, you don't need to buy a raid controller for raid 0 setups if you go this route. Much analysis has been done on this and the only noticible performance difference would be if you went with a parity type raid (like raid 5) where computations would need to be done to calculate that parity bit - thats where the on-board RAID controller's CPU alleviates this from the main computer CPU and you see performance gain.
  3. Here is some good read. You might want to wate for the OCZ Vertex SSD come out. The are problem with SSD with XP but the Vertex should fix these. I would read all to know what you are getting into with the SSD drives. The vertex are hard to get at this time. Also note you do not defrag these drive.

  4. Ah, right. Forgot to mention. I'm running vista x64.

    And charles is right, do not defrag SSDs. :)
  5. Have you had a look at this page yobigd20?
  6. Yes, I followed that exact thread when I was setting up my system. :) There was another pdf file on ocz's site too that talked about system configuration. I never tried running the HDTach tests using the stock settings. As soon as I got in, I changed the settings, then ran HDTach, and then smiled at the results! (they were faster than I had expected! I was expecting between 300-400MB/sec). Thanks for the tip anyway!
  7. Want to share my experience too. Just finished to set up my system. I built Raid0 with 4 32GB OCZ SSD Drives (Solid Series) on Intel ICH10R controller.
    Here is my config:
    Processor: Intel Core i7 920 (2.66Ghz overclocked to 4Ghz)
    Motherboard: Asus Rampage 2 extreme X58 with built in ICH10R raid controller
    Graphic Card: 3 XFX GTX 280 cards (3-SLI)
    Memory: OCZ3P1866C9LV6GK 6GB Kit
    Power supply: Thermaltake Toughpower 1200w
    OS: Windows Vista home premium 64-bit
    And 4 OCZ SSD Drives 32 GB each

    At first time when I ran HD Tach the average read speed of my 4 drives in Raid0 was about 132 Mb/s, it looked like I had only one single Sata II Drive.
    After that I tried many things to get full speed, but it worked out only when I updated windows chipset drivers for my motherboard (from asus site).
    Here is description of the package:
    Intel(R) Matrix Storage Manager Driver V8.0.0.1039 for Windows XP/ 64bit XP/ Vista/ 64bit Vista.(WHQL) -Intel ICH10R RAID/AHCI Driver Disk for Windows XP/ 64bit XP/ Vista/ 64bit Vista. -Make Intel ICH10R RAID Driver Disk for Windows XP/ 64bit XP/ Vista/ 64bit Vista.
    Intel(R) Matrix Storage Manager Driver V8.0.0.1039 for Windows XP/ 64bit XP/ Vista/ 64bit Vista.(WHQL)
    -Intel ICH10R RAID/AHCI Driver Disk for Windows XP/ 64bit XP/ Vista/ 64bit Vista.
    -Make Intel ICH10R RAID Driver Disk for Windows XP/ 64bit XP/ Vista/ 64bit Vista.

    And after I installed the drivers here is what HDTach showed:

    Btw I have BD-Rom Drive on ICH10R controller too and they (BD-Rom and Raid0) work together just fine.
  8. I was going to spend £300 on 2 X Western Digital VelociRaptors. But I can get 4 X 30GB OCZ for £260. If people can get performance like that whats the point in the Western Digital VelociRaptors?
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