E6750 Temperature question

Hello all,

just wondering if my temps are ok on my E6750 each core is usually around 28 (+1-1) idle and i have a ZALMAN CNPS 9700 NT 110mm 2 Ball Ultra Quiet CPU Cooler

its in an antec 900 case i would have thought the temps would have been cooler... then again im new to all this :D

any feedback is appreciated..
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  1. thoughts anyone?
  2. http://img.tomshardware.com/forum/uk/icones/message/icon12.gif

    I have same processor - at stock speed - same as yours (arctic freezer pro cooler) - i run at 3ghz - get 30C , and am well pleased with this
  3. Those temps seem to be just fine.
    You should look up reviews comparing various coolers to get an idea of temperatures some cpus should be idling at.
    Google is like your best friend and the public library, but better.
  4. It seems ok, mine @ stock with stock cooler is right around 30-31 degrees right now, but its kind of cool in the room I have it in. I definitely worry about that temp.
  5. thnx guys (and girls), that really helps me out :D
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