Asus Rampage Formula X48 or Gigabyte X48-DQ6?

I will be getting these components:

Antec 1200 Case
Corsair 1000W PSU
Intel Quad Core Q9450
Club 3D Radeon 4870 X 2 Crossfire
Mushkin 2 x 2Gb, Redline PC2-8000,Dual kit, DDR2 1000MHz (5-5-5-12)
Noctua NH U12P cpu cooler (with an extra Noctua fan on it, so 2 fans)

Should I go for the Asus Rampage Formula X48 or the Gigabyte X48 DQ6 if I will be overclocking to around 3.6ghz or so? Price is not an issue.
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  1. Sorry for the double post, wasn't intentional. Tried to delete the other thread but it wouldn't let me.
  2. according to most o/c forums a lot of ppl rate the asus for coverclocking i have an asus x48 rampage on order but just google x48 overclocking it also depends on brand of ram i never have any luck with the ballistix brand of ram i'm gonna try corsair xms-2 8500 see if i do better with that.
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