Intel boot agent slowing down boot

Okay, so I installed a Intel Pro 1000GT. Card works good and seems to have helped some with streaming content. But since installing it my boot takes about 20-30 seconds longer because the card runs Boot Agent after the mobo bios. Does anyone know how to remove the boot file from this device? I am not ever going to network boot it, so this is just slowing down the boot for no good reason.

I have gone into the IBAUtil.exe and run FLASHDISABLE. Now it says the flash is cleared, but it still runs boot agent at startup.
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  1. Cleared it up by removing the offending card. Not really a fix. My boot is much better now that I am not running a bootable NIC, SCSI controller, and I have a fresh OS install ;)

    If anyone does come up with a fix I am all ears.
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