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F*** NewEgg! Huge markup on Atomic 3870

Last response: in Graphics & Displays
January 19, 2008 4:30:17 AM

Huge markup that is total Bullshit! :fou: 

Was going to buy two but they should be around $260 not $300!!! :non:

Wonder what their markup on that 3870X2 will be? :lol: 

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January 19, 2008 4:43:23 AM

Wtf that sucks so hard.
January 19, 2008 4:45:36 AM

I've been looking over the major retailers and NewEgg just added the card about an hour ago. The price was listed to be about $10 of $15 more then a normal dual slot 3870 on its reviews . This is a good near $40 or so mark up! Thought I might get near MSRP if I found the listing when it was new, but guess not.
January 19, 2008 5:15:45 AM

What's the major difference between the two Sapphires? It wasn't obvious to me in the specs that the atomic was overclocked.

I'm considering getting the DDR3 version of the 3870 for $229 instead of a $199.00 512 meg 3850. On the other hand, as the card has to last for a couple of years, I might just go for the $249 if DDR4 makes all that much difference.

Here's the Gigabyte card:

I'll be getting two ATI 3xxx cards, one for each ASUS 690G board PC (and then getting Phenom's later). For the Athlon X2 4600+ with an MSI Nvidia 405 chipset board, I was thinking of an 8800GT when prices drop to around $150 to $200 (whenever that will be).

I buy from Newegg, and haven't sworn at them yet. Now Fry's is a different story! Fry's sometimes gets me swearing in two or three languages.

I'm returning a TV Wonder card there tomorrow for an even exchange, as the "open box" card I got the other day wasn't in a static bag in the box and there were grease stains on the manual and food crumbs in the box. They've got to be more careful when they put something back on the shelf after a return.
January 19, 2008 5:20:43 AM

The Atomic 3870 has some great features.

1. Comes Pre-Overclocked
2. Single slot vapor cooling
3. Comes with a great bundle

But I'm not going to pay $300 which is what you can get a good G92 for .
January 19, 2008 5:29:39 AM

Only problem with that is I was looking to get a X48 which only supports crossfire. Damn NewEgg, I really can't wait to see their price on the 3870X2.
January 20, 2008 5:09:40 PM

IndigoMoss said:
If you want to get the 8800GT Yipsi, here you go. $223 dollars for the PNY 8800GT 512mb. You can thank me later.

Thanks, I bookmarked FX Video Cards, but I've never heard of them. Where are they located? Newegg has always been dependable if a return is needed. I could get one of these, and the Gigabyte 3870 at Newegg for under $500. Since I'm also getting a couple of $199 monitors at Fry's (they had a Viewsonic 22" for 199 yesterday), that will keep me under my thousand dollar upgrade budget.

I'm getting the monitors because the Phenom's aren't worth it right now and I'll stick with two Athlon X2's (3800+ and 4600+). I can hold off on the Phenom's until B3 and the probable summer tax rebate, or else wait till after we come back from vacation. I'm also getting tired of two Viewsonic 17" monitors, an A70f+ and an A71f+.

Maybe in February 2009, we'll be able to afford Bluray. We're also getting an upconverting DVD and a 20" LCD TV. Our patriotic duty is to prevent the economy from going into recession by spending everything that doesn't go into our 401K's and IRA's.