E8400 Temperature (Core Temp Vs. Speedfan Vs. Bios)

Hey guys,

So I just purchased my E8400 along with 4 gigs off DDR2 Ram and an 8800GT. Needless to say, this is a gigantic improvement over my P4 2.4B with a Geforce 7900GS.

So, I updated my Gigabyte bios which just added support for the wolfdale processors. The chip reads fine, and in the Bios it lists the temperature at between 32C and 37C depending on how long the comp has been on, idle, etc. On Speedfan, it lists around the same temperature. I am using Core Temp right now and it shows between 47 and 49C. Which one is right?

I already ordered an Arctic Cooler 7 Pro fan/heatsink to replace the stock cooler though.

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