Need AMD/ATI motherboard help

I want to upgrade one of my home computers to PCI-E video,
I have in hand....
AMD X2 4600 running on a agp board.
2gb ddr2-677 ram
ati 1800xl pci-e GPU

was looking at this motherboard

This is the price class i want to stay in. $50 us
My problem is that this motherboard has the x16 pci-e slot but only supports the 8x rate.
will the 1800xl work in it?
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  1. is your processor socket AM2 or socket 939?
  2. I would go with Asus... or MSI
    I have made 2 rigs with this Asus motherboard it works and it is for future use..

    and upgrade you 1800xl to 3850/512mb or 9600 GT...
  3. My xp4600 is AM2.

    This computer is for one of the kids. The 1800xl is a upgrade over the 9700 pro that is in it now. The 1800xl was in my wifes computer before the 8800 upgrade

    I have C2D and nvidia 8800 gts 640 in my computer.
    I run 4 boxes at the house.

    1. E4500 8800gts 640
    2. E6750 8800gts 640
    3. xp4600 9700 pro This is the one I want the motherboard for.
    4. sempron 3600 onboard video.... This one will get the 9700 pro. out of #3.

    was running the 8800gts in sli but was to hot was scared was going to fry something. got over 15k in 3dmark 06 thoe.

    This is why for the upgrade for the #3 system.

    it has, AMD 690G Chipset and Integrated ATI Radeon X1250-based graphics and that alone is enough for little games and you tube....
    and its have AM2+ support
    and M2A-VM is a bargain.

    Motherboard_manual_ga-m61sme-s page 16-17 PCI-e 16 support list...
    If you really have to buy gigabyte..... quality is not that good on this one..
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