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Hey, just a quick question

After reading a few overclocking guides I see that it is essential to set the PCI Clock Synchronisation to 33.33mhz, but I can't find that anywhere in my Bios, I would assume it would be oni the same page as the PCI express frequency but it isn't

Can anyone help me out here?
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  1. It it isn't there, don't worry about it. Make sure pci-e is at 100. Do you have a pci card plugged in or not, i think some mobos don't detect pci clock if you don't have a card in a pci slot.
  2. It's probably just set to 33MHz by default. S - some of the builtin peripherals use the PCI bus, so it doesn't just affect the actual PCI slots.
  3. Dont worry about it, i have the exact board! I couldnt find the setting anyways and when u select manual overclocking, its sets the pci-e to 100MHZ by default!

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