Ok so my old PSU burned out whilst playing dayz. So i took this as a chance to finally uprade my PC. I`ll just list the parts that im using. CPU:Amd Phenom x4 965 black edition.
GPU:XFX Radeon hd 6770
Ram:8 Gb DDR3 1333 KINGSTON
Case:Cougar Challenger mid size case
Mother board:Idk what kind of motherboard i have. How do i check?
Ok so after im done puttin all these items into my case and check all the wiring to make sure its where its supposed to be, It wont turn on. At first i tried the paperclick trick with my PSU to make sure it wasnt DOA but my psu is working fine with the paperclip trick but when its connected to my motherboard and everything else it wont turn on.
Please help me! :(
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  1. The first thing I would double check if I'd built it is did I miss the second connections some motherboards need from the PSU - the little square plastic connector - 12 Volt, i think - that sometimes hides behind the heatsink.
  2. Ty for the reply and it turns out that my motherboard was dead.
  3. Typical electronic equipment - fails straight out of the box or goes on faultlessly for years.
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