Fantom portable Hard Disk 1 TB asking me to format How Can Solve

Hello All Friends, :hello:

My name is Ashok, I have a Fantom portable Hard Disk 1 TB.....and I've been using it since 1 Year.

Recently, I'm unaware of what happened to it, If I connect it to my laptop or any other PC, it is asking me to format.

I cant even open it, cant ready any data from it....If initiated for error check, to start an error check also, it is asking me to format.

Your help is very much appreciated, I've lot of important data in my hard disk....
Pls.... give me solution.......

Thanks in Advance !!

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  1. It appears that your external HDD has become corrupted. Does the error occur on all computers? Have you tried connecting to another computer.

    Try this application to recover your files:

    Good luck!
  2. TestDisk can probably help with this.

    That program can help you resotre the file system if that's what the issue is. It could also be a physical error on the drive, in which case you probably can't recover with software.
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