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I just tried installing Catalyst 7.12 without uninstalling 7.10 as I thought that it would work. After that, CCC will not open at all. I tried uninstalling every trace of ATI and even did a system restore but after the system restore, every time i open CCC it gives me the "has encountered a problem and needs to close" error. Please I need some help as Flight Simulator 9 has no AA and AF at all without CCC open.
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  1. Do a complete CCC uninstall d/l and install CCC suite 8.1 :
  2. Hi, that is what I did. Even 8.1 won't fix it.
  3. its just because you still have a traces of previous version
    try to use driver cleaner
    delete any related catalyst files in C:\WINDOWS\assembly
    make sure you have .net v2
  4. Well you are using the second worst software on the planet, second only to nTune.
  5. ^^^^^^Agreed

    That used to happen to me with my old system. You have to delete all the traces of catalyst and even then sometimes it still didn't work.

    I don't need to unistall CCC anymore to update it. I just install the latest one with the old version running.
  6. hi guy. hey, i bombed hard for days w/ ccc, even 8.1 bombed 4 me. finally, i hassled techies enuf 2 get instructions. basically, u gotta go into the registry, and find anything that refers 2 ati, and delete it, so ati is not known in your registry (usu u find stuff from prev installs.) then, u gotta go and lookup .inf files, they would be ones w/ a second part 2 match the .inf itself, and delete any of them that refer 2 ati. 4 me, there were about 20 .inf files 2 consider, i only nuked 3. sorry, but if this doesn't work, run this by ati support, and they'll tell u about the same thing, but super direct/accurate(er) than me. ps/ i am gonna bomb & drop ati, like a hot potatoe, as soon as displayport comes around. now i've oc'd my rig, and ccc loses altogether its host processor, so i can even look at my gpu temp (that's all i use ccc 4 anyway. adios, cooky.
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