Recent OC to 3.60Ghz, need advice...

As mentioned in the threadm, I have just Oc'd my Q6600 to 3.6Ghz

400.44 x 8.0 <-----Does this look ok? This is my first time OC over 3Ghz

Also im looking at my idol temps, and they are at 51 51 48 48, I havent done a stress test yet.

Could somone please tell me if these idol temps are average?

Thanks in advance.

Im using a Arctic Freezer Pro 7 with Arctic thermal compound.

Thanks again,

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  1. It's bad for idle temperature, although as long as full load core temp is below 70C, it's okay. Test with prime95, small fft.

    3.6ghz = 400x9.
  2. We want new guys VID!

    Can you please run Core temp or Real temp again, and list what your VID is, please?

    Also, if you really wanted to help, you can list your equipment, as well as voltages and junk!

  3. is the VID like the vcore? or cpu voltage
  4. VID is your factory imprinted VCore setting for Auto. IE, your stock voltage.

    When Intel tested the chip initially, it was found to need that voltage to opporate. So obviously the lower the better!

    You can check by running Core Temp, or Real temp, and looking for it in there.

  5. I've changed back to 3.0Ghz for the mean time.

    My VID is 1.2750v.

    I have a Intel Q6600 GO Kentsfield
    Asus P5K3 Delux MB
    ATI 3870X2
    2 GB OCZ DDR3 Platinum

    im using a arctic freezer pro cpu cooler in a Thermal Take Soprano case

    my idol temps atm are 36 35 32 32 running at 3Ghz on

    I would like to have it runnin at 3.6 but the only way I was able to do that was lowering the multiplier from 9 to 8 and cpu voltage to 1.4625
  6. I've just done a OCCT test and it says its failed due to code 4 error or something or other.

    Has it got anything to do with my FSB:DRAM Ratio 1:2?
  7. ^If you have 1:2 ratio and you are running FSB @ 400 you ARE overclocking your RAM too. Set the ratio to 1:1.
  8. You idle temps go up quite a bit with that OC. You might see if you can bump the CPU voltage down a little and see if you remain stable and if your chip cools off a little.

    Does the arctic freezer have good enough thermal capacity to dissipate that much heat?

    As mentioned in the threadm, I have just Oc'd my Q6600 to 3.6Ghz

    400.44 x 8.0 <-----Does this look ok? This is my first time OC over 3Ghz

    400x8 = 3200mhz / 3.2ghz

    450x8 = 3600 /3.6

    Try pulling your side panel and blowing a box fan in your case...this would be an extreme high-CFM scenario, but would tell you if your cooler needs better airflow.
  9. Consider yourself lucky,
    my VID 1.3V

    What should be better anyway lower or higher multiplier?
    I already had my Q6600 @ 3,4ghz , but I still find it rather hot with my Tuniq Tower.

    I liked my Q6600 @ 3,2ghz 400x8 1:1 ratio , mem @ 800mhz :)

    Why does my realtem give my Q6600 @ 35 degrees idle and coretemp 40 degrees -.- which one should i believe. (no my motherboards indication of temperatures sucks even more)
  10. I got lucky; my VID is 1.2250. There are a couple steps better, but not as common.

    I think coretemp is a little more accurate, its what I use. I found a decent forum argument a while back comparing which ones are correct based on how they read the temps on your chip.
  11. Check your bios to see hat idle temps it gives....whichever (core temp or real temp) give the most similar results then thats the one to go off....Real temp gave my cpu temp @ idle about 4 degrees more than room temp ....obviously wrong.

    I trust core temp.

    I have q6600 @ 3.2 ...there really isnt much point pushing it least not yet.
  12. OK cool, well tomorrow im going to be cleaning out my case cos theres some dust around my fans and stuff, and im going to re-apply some thermal compound to my cpu+cooler.

    Also I think ive made huge mistake with the position of my Arctic Freezer. I was in such a rush to try out my system when I got it in January that i placed it so hot air is drawn from the cpu and back into the case and not towards the fan. I dont know if this will have any effect on the temps of my cpu but its worth a shot.

    Also how can I get the ratio to 1:1. I am a complete noob at OCing atm, but i like to experiment.

    I have an Asus P5K3 Deluxe, Q6600 and OCZ DDR3 PC3-10666 Platinum Edition

    My CPU is currently running at 3Ghz, and CPUZ says that my FSB:DRAM ratio is 4:5. I really dont get it tbh, but hope to learn!! :D

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