I recently tried to format and re-install windows XP. it managed to format my hard drive but when it go to copying the files to my HDD it got stuck and hung. I therefore rebooted the PC and now i recieve the message ''NTLDR.SYS is missing press Ctrl +Alt + Del to restart''.

I have tried to boot from the XP CD again but it gives me the message ''Insert correct removable media in boot drive and press any key to continue''.

I cannot get past this message as i dont have a operating system on the hard drive.

Any ideas guys? All help is much appreciated as I am tearing my hair out over this!!
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  1. Well first off. Your NTLDR.SYS is going to be missing because you got far enough to format the drive so your old windows installation is gone. The error could also be caused by a bad disc. I would say try and use another windows XP CD and see what happens. If you are still having an issue, you could possibly have a failing CD/DVD drive. You could try using an external drive if you have access to one rather than just buying a new one, or pull one out of another system to try in yours.

    One other possibility, albeit far-fetched, you don't happen to have a floppy disc in the system do you? They can cause issues with booting and will give you a media error upon boot if you have one and it is higher in the boot priority than your CD drive. I know it's obsolete technology but you never know when they come up trying to cover a few possibilities.
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