Trying to OC with gigabyte ep43-ds3l

I have been trying tirelessly to OC a cheap 2180 to around 3GHz or maybe more (It's being cooled w/ a Thermalright 120 eX and 120mm fan). I have a Gigabyte EP43-DS3L and flashed the BIOS to the most recent F5 version. I'm having trouble getting past 2.70GHz. I have my mult at 10x and FSB at 270, and voltage settings are left alone. I'm puzzled by the RAM settings on this mobo though. I set the mem settings to auto but I guess the mobo is oc'ing the RAM as well (BTW the RAM i have are 2 2GB sticks of mushkin xp2-6400). Should I be doing a 1:1 lock on the RAM for better stability? I want to oc the RAM but not as much. There are 2 options for the RAM settings, 1 is "(G)MCH System Latch: Auto, 200Mhz, 366, 333, 400" and "System Memory Multiplier (SPD): which has a bunch of MHz (200, 233, 333, 400, etc.) followed by the letters A B C and D". I don't really know how to get a 1:1 lock for the RAM and FSB so I'm lost there. Any help would be much appreciated!
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  1. 1:1 is ideal. Although at 270x4 fsb, it'd be 2x270=540mhz ddr2. Still, you should just set it to this underclocked value until you can figure out the highest stable cpu clock, then increase ram ratio if you want.
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