$435 budget build

So my friends PC fryed and I get to make him a new one.. I am selling him my 430watt Thermaltake power supply + Video card for 90 bucks. 435 - 90 = 345. (this video card still runs with the midrange cards of today)

He also has a 80GB IDE HD and i'll sell him one of my SATA HDD if he wants one..

Intake Fan Filter
120mm fan
80mm fan

Total w/ shipping = $348.93

Tell me your opinions..
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  1. looks good but the extra fans are overkill for that system, the url for the motherboard is the same as the processor so i dont know what it is... try to squeez in a very discrete graphics card so u dont lose ram and processing power.
  2. Well what is it going to be used for? For general use that looks good.
  3. I would at the least ditch that 80mm case fan. That thing isn't big enough to do much more than make a lot of noise.
  4. Well I am going to get this motherboard, I have the Socket 939 Crossfire 3200 chipset and its never let me down..

    ATI is cheaper.. So if he later on crossfires or something He can do it on his own budget..

    I am also Overclocking this to at least 3.0 ghz.. (if i can..)

    The fans are just colored.. he wanted a blue and a green
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