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Im Working on my First water cooling setup adn am trying to avoid using two Pumps. I have tried finding some information of Cooling loops and pretty much find res>pump>block>rad, but as you can see im looking to Cover two rad's one single and one Dual. Blocks will be NB, Voltage reg, CPU, GPU the SB will be Covered by a small fan as well as Ram. MB that will be in use is the EVGA 790i Ultra GFX card currently will be a 8800GTX until i flip the coin for GTX280 or 4870x2. I have put together that amazing piece of art that i would like to share with everyone.

Slam it, Fix it, tel it to be bad.

Im looking for any suggestions that can help me out further before i make final purchases.

The Case is a CM stacker 830. The Single Rad will be placed in the back on the 120mm fan mount(blowing air out) and the Dual Rad will be placed at the bottom on the case(blowing Air out). i plan on having the Single 120mm fan up top(blowing out) and possibly 2x120mm fans in the front of the case pulling air in. To help direct some of the air i will be removing the Mesh from the sides of the case and replacing it with Plexiglas.

Thanks again for lending a hand or pointing me in the right direction.
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  1. The More i Look at the Img i have Posted i keep thinking. i Went Pump>CPU>rad>VR>NB>GPU>Rad>Res
    and im thinking to limit the amount of heat to the GFX card it should go something like Pump>CPU>NB>VR>Radx1>GPU>Radx2>res Does this seem like it would move heat and produce lower numbers?
  2. Well, alot of what you "might" should do is really going to depend on what your o'clocking tendencies are. I say this because if you are an aggressive o'clocker than it will not only influence your loop arrangement but it will influence what is in your loop.

    For instance...

    It could be possible to eliminate the NB waterblock entirely depending on how you o'clock.

    Aggressively speaking, if your intentions are to o'clock such aspects of your rig as the CPU, GPU(s), memory and even alter your voltages than the NB will be put under a heavy load. The Northbridge, typically, controls memory functions like – a memory controller (for Intel Chipsets), a level 2 cache communicator and bridges the gap between the CPU and Ram – it also handles functions between the CPU and the graphics processor on the PCI, AGP and PCIe slots. Since this particular part is always busy it can generate quite a lot of heat.

    Mildly speaking, though, if you aren't going to aggressively o'clock than a simple HSF combo will suffice for the NB (and good air circulation). Here you could eliminate the NB waterblock from your cooling loop.

    You hadn't mentioned what ID size you intend your loop to operate on. I'll just assume it is 1/2ID otherwise. In this case, to cool the voltage regulators around your CPU you will need to find block(s) that will accept 1/2ID fittings othrwise having to downsize your loop from 1/2ID to 3/8ID or 1/4ID is going to mess with your flowrate.

    I would keep the ID of yoor loop at 1/2 if you intend on cooling so much equipment as it will allow you the most flowrate forgiveness for the various turns and such throughout your loop.
  3. DangerDen 12v pump will push that. You can run 2 pumps if you want, but I don't think its going to benefit you any. 2 radiators; pull the resevoir and go with a fill port / T fitting.

    Is there a particular reason you have a block on the voltage regulators instead of the regular heatsinks? MOSFETs are designed to get hot and a heatsink should be more than enough to satisfy that cooling need. Don't most of those high-end boards come with fans that clip on as well? I can see where that voltage cooler might narrow out your flow.

    Run your loop:

    pump > CPU > voltage > NB > small rad > GPU > big rad
  4. Yes i do plan on OCing a bit, maybe not as aggressive as some others but i want to be sure that everything is cooled properly. On the EVGA 790i when i remove the heat piping the NB and the VR are left open that is one of the reasons i have WB's for both. thank you phreejak for reminding me i am planning on using 1/2 ID tubing the Vr block i plan on picking up is http://www.koolance.com/water-cooling/product_info.php?product_id=660 .
  5. Well, the good news is that particular Koolance block for the voltage regulator does accept 1/2 ID fittings so it won't be as much of a drag on your flowrate as downsizing would be.
  6. Ahhh, those boards with the giant connected heatpipes. Kind of a pain if you decided to do anything different...
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