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I have read that only a certain amount of pixel information can be sent over DVI if you want to run in native resolution.

From Wikipedia article on DVI:

"With a single DVI link, the largest resolution possible at 60 Hz is 2.75 megapixels (including blanking interval). For practical purposes, this allows a maximum screen resolution at 60 Hz of 1915 x 1436 pixels (standard 1.33 ratio), 1854 x 1483 pixels (1.25 ratio) or 2098 x 1311 (widescreen 1.6 ratio)."

Here is my question:

I have been thinking about getting this monitor: SAMSUNG 245BW Black High Glossy 24"

This monitor has a native resolution of 1920 x 1200. Will one graphics card be able to run this monitor at its native resolution? I am thinking of getting the Nvidia 8800 GTS (G92) 512 MB card, but I want to make sure it can run this monitor at its native resolution. Or do I need to step up to cards and get 2 ATI 3870s? (I am not a fan of any of the SLI boards, so if I have to go the 2 card route for this monitor to run in native resolution then I will be using Crossfire)

Thanks for your help,
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