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Clean install on seagate momentus xt and second drive


has two drive bays.

Seagate Momentus XT

what is the optimum set up for this?

- should i (can i) reserve some of the ssd 4gb for the page file or something?
- i guess i should put the user folders on the second drive?

thank you.
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  2. thanks. is doing twekhounds guide for install worth it? should it be modified? also, are there preferred guides?
  3. The 4GB SSD cache is a read only cache. No tweaks needed as it is done by the firmware.

    What are u gonna do with the PC? Games or bit of everything?
  4. I would use the drive for the system + page split/shared with another drive and the programs. And the Document folder would be moved off of this drive.

    If u are not a gamer and u have a plenty of the space, than I would partition it to two partitions and move the Doc folder on the second partition.

    Doc move help...if needed.
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  6. Thanks for the vote chedderslam1976 : )
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