Evga 780i vs ASUS striker formula 2

Which is better the EVGA 780i SLI or ASUS striker formula 2?
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  1. Formula. I was about to buy the eVGA till i noticed that some people started having bug problems with it.

    So i bought the Striker2 and voilá. Perfect.
  2. ive youve got time you should wait for x48 mobos which are just round the corner, the Asus P5E3 Premium looks like it might be a winner if you want a powerhouse, but then again its pricey and so is ddr3 ram ;p
  3. I'm also looking at the striker formula 2 and the EVGA board. Anyone else have more feedback?

    Is it more stable than the EVGA board?
  4. what are the x48 mobos ?
  5. I should have googled before i posted that question. I was looking more at nvidia sli supported motherboards. Not too much a fan of ATI.

    But the Asus P5E3 Premium sure has some good benchmarks check here
  6. Id go with EVGA simply because their customer support is better.

    Not to mention the EVGA is a whole heck of a lot less expensive.
  7. hmmmm evga or asus or wait for 790 hmmm choices
  8. ghost_uwi said:
    what are the x48 mobos ?

    I know the Asus ROG version is the Rampage. I'm torn between getting that or a Striker II Formula myself. I already have an Nvidia card, not keen on the idea of going back to ATI (at least at this time). But early tests seem to indicate the X48 is a better chipset than the 780i.

    Mind you, I'm waiting for the Q9450 to come out, and who knows what BIOS bugs will be worked out in the meanwhile? I'm content to wait for now...
  9. I wouldn't use the ASUS board for anything. I've had numerous troubles with ASUS boards. My EVGA 780i is incredible, supports 3-way SLI, the 45nm architecture, and DDR2 1200. Can't beat that.

    Check my sig to see what I'm running so far. This board is handling it well.
  10. wow that cost a lot *looking at qx9650*

    btw anyone know when the 790 coming out i have also been contemplating waiting on the release of that as well.
  11. Just got my striker formula it is Amazing plenty of cooling (extra optional northbirdge fan included) very good quality and comes with plenty of extras.
  12. I've also been considering getting the 790i if DDR3 prices drop a bit by the time it comes out. I think when it does come out, ddr3 prices will drop due to nvidia and intel then having ddr3 capable boards. From what I've heard its been slightly delayed as nvidia didn't want to release it so soon after the 780i but I think its on course for somewhere in march, I'm guessing just after the 9800gx2.

    As for 780i vs striker 2 formula. I have an nvidia chipset simply because i prefer them and I like to have the option to run SLI if I want to. If you don't plan on running SLI then the striker 2 formula is an excellent board but the customer support, warranty and step up programs at Evga are fantastic. If I was in your position, it would come down to SLI for me. Also remember than the 780i is only marginally different from the 680i.
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