Check out this build I found on Craigs List!

heres the post, [] represent extra detail i asked for..

Custom Built Vista Ultimate Edition x64 PC $800 OBO (does not include installation if needed)
Ubuntu Linux Gutsy Gibbon Also Installed (can be removed)
Intel Core 2 6600 2.4Ghz (Tested and can be overclocked to 3.4 Ghz) [this is the e660]
Asus P5B Deluxe Motherboard
Antec Nine Hundred Gaming Case
3GB ram [ corsair xms2 cm2x1024-6400c4, corsair xms2 cm2x1024-6400c4]
Geforce 7600gt [ XFX 7600 GT Xtreme 256mb]
940GB HD Space (3hds 1x500,1x320,1x120) [200rpm sata - samsung and two western digitals]
LG 19inch LCD monitor 5ms/2000:1 [ LG L194wt-SF monitor]
Wireless Keyboard and Mouse [crap]
Zalman 9500led heatsink/huge fan because i was overclocking it originally (successfully to 3.4 boot problems at higher speeds)

I have been thinking of upgrading mine but then I stumbled this... I am thinking I could get this and salvage parts of mine (check my ONLY other thread if your interested that I posted away earlier today) into this and come out nearly even... Your thoughts?
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  1. for $800... you could do better, especially since you already have a good monitor. Personally, I wouldn't trust anything on craigslist... it might be perfectly fine but again it might not. 3.4GHz? What temps? 3GB RAM is odd. 7600GT is pathetic for this price.

    Build your own system, it will be faster and cheaper. There's really not much you can salvage from your old system... the case and maybe the hard drives, but everything else you will want to upgrade.
  2. I wouldn't pay 800. I have a feeling he would take around 600
  3. Agreed, too many question marks on these craigslist deals -

    - it's used for one, probably around a year old I'm guessing,

    - is his Vista legit or cracked?, if it's cracked you'll be SOL on getting SP1 most likely, unless you find a cracked ver yourself which will be illegal and a PITA, somehow I doubt he is parting with a version of Ultimate he paid full pop for

    - suppose it goes bad, any warranty on anything?

    - the CPU and MOBO are great but they are now slightly dated, which is likely why he's selling, the Asus p5b-deluxe was a premium quality board that came out with the first C2d and sold for over $200 new, that's what I have - but time has marched past it now.

    - dude is keeping his 8800 GTX no doubt and dumping off a 7600 GT on you just so you will have a card that will do Aero and at least play games passably, it was a last generation mid range.

    Pay a little more PLEASE and get your own new fresh system with warranties and RMA privilege - you will feel so much better, I promise you!

    c2quad, 8800 gt, 4 gig ram (2 x 2), 64 bit OS, couple of 500 gig HDs,
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