Intel DG965RY SATA-II and Samsung Spinpoint F1

I have an Intel DG965RY motherboard & chipset and would like to know if this fully supports SATA-II?

I recently purchased a Samsung Spinpoint F1 HD103JU as my primary drive.

However, I can only seem to get the interface/drive to work at 1.5Gb/s, not the SATA-II standard of 3.0Gb/s.

So, I was wondering if I needed to do anything to get this to work.

I read on the Intel site that the chipset is supposed to support speeds of upto 3.0Gb/s, but there was no mention in the motherboard specs and docs of SATA-II.

Also, would it make any difference if the setting in the Bios was IDE or AHCI for the drive?

What I need to know is, should the drive work with the motherboard I have on SATA-II at 3.0Gb/s.

If not, is that because the motherboard will not support SATA-II, or because the drive I have simply won't work with my motherboard?

Any help appreciated.

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  1. Welcome to the forums!

    Your motherboard supports SATA II.
    The Advanced Host Controller Interface (AHCI) is a hardware mechanism that allows software to communicate with Serial ATA (SATA) devices that are designed to offer features not offered by Parallel ATA (PATA) controllers, such as hot-plugging and native command queuing.
    We can't saturate SATA 1.5 GB/s, so don't worry about 3.0 GB/s, as long as you didn't jumper the new drive.
  2. Hi,

    Thanks for the reply.

    I would like to enable AHCI, but it's this I am having problems with...

    I have an Intel DG965RY motherboard & chipset and am having major problems trying to install Vista (32 bit) with AHCI for my SATA-II drive.

    I can install Vista and the drive fine using the BIOS SATA IDE Setting (though the UDMA does not seem to be what I expected) but whenever I change the BIOS setting to AHCI, I get problems upon installing.

    I am using Vista 32-bit, and it's my understanding that I do not use the F6 method for installation, but merely Select the "Load Driver" button during the Vista installation.

    I downloaded the files as per the Intel site and have put them onto a floppy.

    However, when I click on "Load Driver", the only way I can see any items is to unselect the "only show compatible drivers for your hardware" checkbox.

    So my first question is why are there no "compatible" items shown in the first place?

    According to the Intel site, the DG965RY chipset supports transfer rates of up to 3Gb/s and AHCI. In addition, the AHCI option appears in the BIOS (though there is no RAID option).

    So, based on this information, I would have expected to be able to take advantage of AHCI.

    So this is as far as I have been able to get.

    Do I need to do something else? Have I missed something? Between the mobo, the BIOS, Vista, Drivers and the AHCI Controller, I'm lost and have no idea what to do or try next.

    I am out of ideas!

    Any help appreciated.

  3. Have you tried to install Vista without loading drivers? You don't have to click the "Load Drivers" button on that system. All required drivers are already included in Vista.

    There isn't a RAID option because that motherboard uses ICH8 (non-RAID), not ICH8R.
  4. Yes, the installation fails.
  5. What BIOS version do you have? How do you know that the SATA interface is 1.5Gb/s (which exceeds what the disk is capable of)?

    If it works without AHCI, then don't bother with it. In most cases it doesn't improve performance.
  6. It's the latest one, as I downloaded it from Intel's site and updated it myself. I think the number (which was part of a bigger string of numbers) is 1755. The board/chipset is the DG965RY. The documentation or the board and chipset states interface speeds of upto 3.0Gb/s are supported.

    It does work without AHCI but AHCI is what I want to use.
  7. Enable SATA IDE, then go in the registry and make this change. Reboot, go in the bios and change to AHCI.

    Error message when you start a Windows Vista-based computer after you change the SATA mode of the boot drive: "STOP 0x0000007B INACCESSABLE_BOOT_DEVICE"
  8. Thanks evongugg but sadly that did not work for me (it was one of the first things I tried when first looking at this problem).

    This problem relates to getting a AHCI driver to work with my mobo, which is a DG965RY. It's ICH8, and Intel says that does not work with AHCI but clearly from doing web searches, there are plenty of people who have got this to work. The F6 method has worked for people with XP, but I'm having problems with Vista Ultimate 32 bit; using the "Load Driver" method in combination with the driver file just results in my Vista clean installation failing.

    Thanks - any help appreciated.
  9. Are you getting an error at installation time when using AHCI? Can you provide a complete list of components in your system?
  10. hi
    can u plz help me i have same problem............
    my motherboard is same dg965ry my hard disk in WD400
    i have same problem when i load driver its not install ..... how will i install?
  11. zainhere said:
    can u plz help me i have same problem............
    my motherboard is same dg965ry my hard disk in WD400
    i have same problem when i load driver its not install ..... how will i install?
    Why do you need AHCI? It provides no performance benefits if you have a single hard disk. It makes a minor difference on a server with a few hard disks
    and several users accessing it. I never bothered with AHCI on my DG965RY, but I use it on my GA-EP45-UD3P running Windows Server 2008, but benchmark are required to measure the performance difference.

    AHCI is required for eSATA hotswap, but that motherboard doesn't even have an eSATA port.
  12. if i change setting from bois and ACHI to IDE
    same error
    no driver load
    if driver load then windows take to much time to install like 10 hour 12 hour
  13. Are you sure that your motherboard works properly?
  14. Greetings :-)

    i have this problem to with the DG965RY TOO
  15. Desertstorm1 said:
    Greetings :-)

    i have this problem to with the DG965RY TOO
    With the same large hard disk? I haven't tried such a large disk on mine.
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