ASUS P5E with Intel "Wolfdale" E8400


I have ordered an E8400 and an ASUS P5E from EBuyer. I've just noticed the "reviews" on the P5E which claim that it won't post with the E8400:

The ASUS site claims compatibility:

I've also seen a few Benchmarks with the E8400 which use the P5E in the test setup.

Does anyone have any experience with this combination? Am I going to have to pick up an el cheapio socket 775 celeron just so I can update the BIOS?

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  1. Just found a post on the Asus forums:

    Seems that it depends on which BIOS the motherboard ships with. I hoping it will ship with the right one, but i'm guessing it probably won't.
  2. You are right... this is an issue that is true. Do you have an older chip that you can place in the motherboard to do the bios flash? The bios flash is incredibly easy and shouldnt take much longer than ten minutes. Just download the flash onto disc from someone elses computer then flash bio before you do anything else (I wouldnt even put a HSF on temp chip... just start comp just to do bios flash then shut off put new chip in and good to go) and then you'll be able to flash in first ten minutes of build being on.

    It will overclock nicely with new bios... just got to do that flash.
  3. Since you ordered them both from the same place, it doesn't seem unreasonable to me to request that they "make them compatible" before they ship them i.e. flash the BIOS for you. Of course, they might have other opinions... :)

  4. Mirg, I have the P5E w/ the E8400. I flashed my BIOS w/ an E6400 I had before I upgraded to the E8400. Everything is running smooth...:-)
  5. Awesome!
  6. I've ordered this motherboard and I had previously used E8400.

    Had almost no problem starting up, only had to clear Cmos and it posted just fine.
    But drivers from my old motherboard **** windows up so I had to reinstall it.
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