Interesting graphical issue

I got my powercolor x1950 pro AC2 the other day and have had nothing but issues with it.

I've done what everyone has told me and nothing has changed.

What i've done:

- Used driver cleaner pro, in safe mode, to get rid of any nivida drivers on my system. None were found.

- got a new PSU (other one was the minimum of recommended) i got an Arctic 600w mobo (90£ worth!)

- updated to catylst 8.1 (newest out)

- updated motherboard. Didn't seem to be many updates, though.

Now my only thoughts is that the card is faulty.

Is there anything you guys possibly recommend that would test something, or any suggestions of what could be the cause.

I'm pretty Pis*** and need this sorted. No wonder why people chose nvidia over ati, eh.

Thanks for reading and hope you can help!


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  1. Dude, what's the issue? There isn't much we can analyze from what you told us.
  2. How about patching the game?

    Tell us more about the problem.

    And don't write in bold.
  3. Sorry. My problem is that when i play a game. eg. oblivion, Dawn of war etc
    i get nothing but frames of 14-20 a second. Even if i reduce the graphics , it still doesn't go up :(
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