Asus v-70 92mm cooling worse than Core 2 Quad stock

I really need some help here. I ordered an ASUS V-70 92mm Sleeve CPU Cooler so I could clock my quad to 3 ghz. It is in place and everything is fine until I view the temps. It seems this changed the system cpu temps from 33c to 43 in bios and up to 70 with no load at desktop ! Obviously I am not quite sure how this could happen. This fan spins over 1000 rpm faster and moves about 40 cfm more. What can I do ? I have no thermal grease, the heatsink came with some on it but I did not clean the old stuff off.
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  1. From a design point of view, that top down cooler is a bad choice. It's small and provides poor airflow. See cooler performance ranking:

    Still, with that kind of temperature, you probably didn't install it properly. If there is air between the cpu and base plate, heat won't transfer. Try to reseat the heatsink.
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