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I did some searching on the threads and I haven't noticed anybody asking about builds that would be able to dual boot OSX86 and windows XP. I already have copies of both software so I was looking to build a computer for around $1,000 U.S. w/o including the price of a new monitor (give or take $200 if it is worth the cost) that will mainly be used for doing lots of Video editing. I started putting together a list of parts that seemed compatible, but am currently traveling in India for the next few days which makes looking for parts pretty difficult. I'm looking to put together a documentary from this India footage, so I'm looking to purchase this computer right when I get home in a few days. If any of the wise sages here has any advice on a new build I would be forever great.

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  1. Sorry,

    I thought I'd also add a few things.

    -I'm not opposed to overclocking, but I'm not sure how it would effect running OSX86 or anything

    - I know there are some new Intel processors coming out soon, so is this a bad time to buy?
  2. Is there anything else you'll do on the pc?

    I'm not familiar with OSX86. I take it you want to run video editing software on OSX86? Why not on Windows? No dual-boot hassle.

    No, the new cpu's won't double your pc's speed. It's just new 45nm manufacturing process. Cooler temps. Much better overclocks. If you plan to upgrade the cpu, I suggest you get a cheap C2D for now. Such as the e4xx0. Then upgrade the cpu & sell the cheap one when it comes time.
  3. Yes you can dual boot, but its a lot easier if you get both OS's on seperate HDDs.

    The biggest question your going to recieve is: why? And I have to agree there... whats the point of tainting your new PC with OSX
  4. Hey, thanks for the reply. I was just reading up about the new processors and saw this article posted on a different thread: http://www.xbitlabs.com/articles/cpu/display/intel-wolfdale_13.html#sect0

    It seems to me If I can just wait a few weeks the e8500 would be great for overclocking and even without overclocking gives a 10-15% boost in performance. But I guess this is why I still have a P4 1.7 ghz computer, I always see a better processors right around the corner.... I'm not much into buying and selling the cpus as they come out (too much hassle) so if its worth it I might as well wait until the end of the month. Any other recommendations about to wait or get now?

    Also I do some computer gaming, but I'm not obsessed with having the very highest settings or anything. As long as the computer is speedy and will load starcraft 2 pretty well on release I'm happy.
  5. but why OSX?
  6. I was really considering using OSX86 just for final cut pro. Other then that there is no real reason for wanting it, which is why I was planning on building a dual boot machine then get a mac (not to mention the price savings for building yourself.)

    I'm also a PC user at heart, and although gaming isn't my very top priority for this machine I like playing a lot of computer games. Its no fun trying to play half life 2, Medieval total war, and all these other new games on a P4 1.7ghz 512mb Rdram old dell computer. Its time for an upgrade.
  7. save your self a headache and stay with windows and adobe.

    Adobe premiere is so much more useful and productive than final cut... i dont even know where to begin.
  8. If it is much harder I will probably go with just Windows XP, but I figured once I got through the hassle of the dual installations all I will have to do is choose the OS on the startup. Doesn't sound too hard to me, or is there more too it?
  9. You can run an emulator on Windows that lets you install/run anything like OSX. A good example is VirtualPC. The speed will be cut down by a large margin.

    I'm not gonna talk anymore about os'es. There's a forum for this.

    As for the E8x00 Wolfdale, yup, I would love to get my hands on it & overclock it to 4+ ghz. However, if your pc is mainly for video editing, I would suggest you get a quad core like Q6600. The new quads won't be out this month. Maybe end of March. If you like, o/c the Q6600 to 3.0ghz which is a walk in the park for me at least: change just 1 setting (FSB) in bios.
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