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mobo for xeon x3210 No server boards only desktop comp

Last response: in Motherboards
February 19, 2008 7:52:45 PM

I am looking to build a cheap server with a xeon x3210 quad processor and need to pick a cheaper mobo in the P35 lineup that is definitely compatible with this processor and ddr2 800 RAM. I will be buying crucial gold ram that I know can overclock good enough to meet any P35 requirements. I am hoping that someone knows a mobo that is around the $90-120 range for this. I do not want a $erver mobo or their FB-Dimms so desktop boards only if you would please. As far as I have looked I cannot find one with guaranteed compatability so Im hoping im not stuck with server boards only

I dont need all the bells and whistles just a solid stable mobo, this is going to be used for a database and will be headless after configured.

After doing some more research i found that people are using all kinds of different boards from quad gt to others. so i guess its safe to say that I can order a gigabyte ds3l and it should work? after going to gigabytes web page it did not list any xeon as a supported processor. but reading newegg reviews it seems as if most of the p35/965 are compatible with thi processor or at least i hope