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I have a D link 655 Router which will not re-connect to my cable modem after it has lost service and come back on line. It is a real problem because it is located at a remote location where no one is available to cycle it off and on. It always come back fine when re-cycled. I am surprised they don't have any type of auto re-boot.
Maybe some do?
I would like to purchase a high speed reliable router but after having gone through many different ones not sure where to turn. Any sugestions would be appreciated,

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  1. I think this behaviour is because the cable modem and router need to handshake before they work together so one or (in some cases) both need to be rebooted.
  2. Thanks for the reply
    I agree, but there must be a solution for unattended router operation at remote locations. Maybe a wireless router that reboots itself every so often?

  3. My Netgear DG834GT Wireless ADSL unit can be rebooted remotely -- but of course this is a self-contained modem/router.

    Whether a simple cable router being rebooted like that would do the trick is worth investigating -- try some manufacturer's user forums (Netgear's forum is particularly good).
  4. I will try some manufacturer's user forums, good idea, thanks
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