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New Build - Please help! Seasonic 700W/Antec P182 Question

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January 25, 2008 12:13:03 PM

I am pretty sure that I already know what needs to be done but I am hoping that I am wrong. Hopefully you guys can clarify for me.

I started my build and installed the cpu, noctua heatsink, 780i mobo, 1 out of 4 memory cards, seasonic 700w power supply, 3 SATA hard drives, 2 SATA optical drives, and floppy/card reader. I then connected the 24 and 8-pin power cables as well as the SATA cables. I got a little stuck connecting the front panel LED's and went to the Antec website to see if I could get an answer to my LED connection question (the connector from the case has 3 pins while the mobo only has 2). While looking around the FAQ section of the Antec site, I saw some information that made me cringe: "3. My power supply has a fan on the bottom. How should I mount it in the case?
The bottom-mounted fan should be pointed towards the top of the enclosure."

Well, I'm at work now so I can't check, but I am 95% certain that I mounted the power supply in the orientation that I've seen pictured on various websites so many times...the side label is facing you so that you can read it when you open up the side panel and the main fan on the PS is on the bottom. Well, I just looked back at some of those pics and realized that the PS was mounted at the top of the case in every one I could find...unlike my Antec P182 which mounts the PS at the bottom of the case.

My gut is telling me that I have to uninstall the PS and all of the cables and flip it around so that it is essentially upside down and the fan is pointing towards the top. Can anyone (especially if you have this same setup) confirm that or offer any other piece of advice? It would be much appreciated!


January 25, 2008 12:29:35 PM

Well, If you have it mounted with the fan pointing down in a bottom PS case the fan would be covered by the bottom tray and could not work. Surely you did not do this. Most PS back plates on a case will not let you mount it upside down anyway. The power plug is keyed to the proper direction.
January 25, 2008 12:32:08 PM

I'll check mine when I get home, be about 3.5 hours though.......

I thought it was only possible to mount mine one way though, and that there was a gap below the PSU. So that air would still be fed to it, there is a fan on mine sucking air towards the psu also.
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January 25, 2008 12:34:45 PM

If I understood your situation:
A fan either needs to suck air in or blow it out. If it is mounted against a solid panel, it can do neither.

A bottom mounted fan needs to face the interior of the case. That is more important than being able to read the label on the PSU.
January 25, 2008 12:45:56 PM

Thanks, guys. I actually don't know if I did it correct or not 'cause it was very late when I installed it and I'm at work now and can't check. Thanks for your input (and thanks, ooral for checking when you get home). I'll have a look at it when I get home from work...which won't be for another 7 hours or so.
January 25, 2008 12:55:28 PM

The P182 will let you mount the power supply either way you want. If you mounted it with the fan facing the bottom of the case, you did it wrong.

However it probably won't make that much difference seeing as how the P182 power supply area is compartmentalized, minimizing heat flow to the rest of the case.
January 25, 2008 5:23:00 PM

Thanks for all of your input. I was actually able to speak with Antec's customer support and I will post what they told me as maybe the information will help some other person in the future...

I was told that, with the P182 (and I am assuming P180) cases, there is a space (just as qwertycopter mentioned) that allows for air to move below the power supply. The customer service person mentioned that a couple of the techs he works with have that same case and power supply and mount them with the fan pointing down as it allows for the case fans to move the air out and gives you a little more lengths on some of the harder-to-reach cable installs such as the 8-pin power cable. I asked why their website mentioned that the fan should be on top and he replied that he did not know why that information was on there.

So it looks as if I won't have to switch things around (and turn the power supply upside down just to have the fan on top). I hope that this will help others in the future!

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January 25, 2008 7:41:27 PM

I have a p180 and a seasonic S12-600, the fan is pointed upward, with the middle fan in the lower chamber flowing from front to back. I've sealed the grille holes around the PSU mounting so that all air flows through the PSU (I see no reason for the air to bypass the PSU). The mid fan effectively increases the air pressure around the PSU thus helping the PSU's fan push air through it.

I have 3 HDD, 2 Optical E6600 8800GTX and the only time that the fan speed on the S12 increased slightly from its lowest level was in the middle of summer when gaming heavily, I conclude therefore that the PSU is not getting too hot.

January 25, 2008 8:57:56 PM

Checked mine when I got in, forgot to post! As you aleady know there is a few cm of fresh air under the PSU! Glad u know it's ok!
January 25, 2008 9:13:39 PM

Thanks, ooral. And thanks for your input as well, monkey.