Q9450 overclocking above 3.6ghz?

Alright, so i've got my current Q9450 running at 3.6ghz with 1.2625 V

Load Temps (Realtemp): 67 64 61 65 (max)

Idle Temps (Realtemp): 34 34 32 32 (they are stuck i believe)

Currently i am 3 hours Prime 95 Small FFT's stable, and seeing as i haven't adjusted anything other than the FSB and CPU Vcore (so no GTL/VTT/NB Voltage) i think i might be able to go above 3.6ghz (seems like the wall for most people). So, does anybody have any advice (mainly on how to tweak the other voltages to improve stability.

I'm using an Asus P5Q-E, Q9450, Xigmatek S1283 (with bracket), 4gb Cosair Dominators at 1066mhz, and i have this all in an Antec 1200 case.
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  1. You should be able to get over 3.6ghz, but temps would most likely be an issue judging from your load temps.
  2. For overclocking, the q9450 is mostly fsb limited, so the high fsb p45 chipset should do well with it. At 3.6ghz, you're running at 1800mhz fsb, which is only 200mhz higher than the p45's stock 1600mhz fsb. It's natural to not having to increase chipset voltage at that point. But if you go further, you may have to.

    Intel's official vcore for q9450 is up to 1.3625, so you should be able to go up to that point without any problems. 1.4 is still okay. You should not exceed 1.4.

    Those max temperatures are not good, especially since you use Realtemp, which tends to underestimate. Remember, the system does not care what you think the temperature is, or even the real temperature, only the perceived temperature. It will throttle when thermal threshold is reached, based on what it thinks is the temperature, not what you think, even if you're right and it is wrong.
  3. I believe that the actual temps are realtemp's temps. I had my temps go to 72 C (before i reseated HSF) and thermal throttling engaged (multi goes to x6). As we know, 71.4 is the max Tcase for the Q9450, so it seems to fit perfectly (i could have 71 C on realtemp and no throttle).

    Also, those are the max temps. It seems only to go above 65 C when im doing the small fft's 8k length, i dunno why. after i am done with that test, the temps average out at about 64 C.

    Also, update, i got bored of watch prime, so i just went into bios, up'd the FSB from 450 to 475, same voltage (1.2625), and viola, it boots. So im running 3.8 right now, but as soon as i start prime small ffts, i get a fatal error. Should i just up the voltage? I mean, its not like i can't, im definity within specs.

    Edit: Nvm, BSOD about a minute after i typed this. Went back, up'd the voltage to 1.28125, boots, but prime fails on Core 1 and Core 2. Says "FATAL ERROR: Rounding was 0.5, expected less than 0.4
  4. Just up the voltage, you're guaranteed to be fine until 1.3625. :p
  5. Voltage is now up to 1.3 V

    Which way do i move the GTL voltages?
    Also, Core 1 is still not cooperating, and is failing small ffts instantly
  6. Lol, bum core. :na:

    It happens, try increasing vcore further, it should move at some point.
  7. Ok, I'll do that.

    Also, i tried up'ing the nb voltage from 1.1 to 1.2, but for some reason it refuses to boot at 1.2, but does a 1.1, that doesn't seem right...

    Any ideas?

    Now its at 1.325 V, and doesn't fail small ffts right away, but it gets up to 73 C on the first core ><, the others are fine though. Pisses me off. Doesn't seem like my cooler is working well enough. Then again, room temp is about 26 C (up from 20 C this morning) So that may have something to do with it. I guess ill just stick with 3.6 (prime it of course) until i can get a better fan for the Xigmatek, like the Scythe Ultra Kaze.

    In any case, any ideas on how to either improve my cooler, or lower the vcore, (alterating GTL and or NB voltages)
  8. That's really strange. With 65nm q6600, I get 58C prime95 small ffts at 3.6ghz/1.45vcore, and 69C at 4ghz/1.65vcore. And those are CoreTemp temperatures, which are up to 15C higher than Realtemp readings in some cases.

    It might help if you reset the heatsink. Maybe the contact isn't tight
    enough, since Xigmatek use pushpins instead of backplate.
  9. I'm using the backplate (its a seperate kit you can buy)
  10. i can only hit 3.44 with my q9450,
    have you had to adjust your ram at all?
    Im only using auto voltage. I have done a hell of a lot of googling and people have reached 3.7 max stable.
    Temps with this chip are great, mine seems to only go up 2 degree's max at 3.44 compared to stock.

    Also my first core shows inaccurate temps too.
  11. No, i didn't adjust the RAM at all, i just made sure it always stayed below 1066mhz (its spec) to be sure any problems were not RAM related

    Alright, sounds like i did something wrong when installing my heatsink

    All i do is put a line of AS5 (i used tape to create a line) and then put the Xigmatek on and tighten until its difficult to tighten more right?
  12. Dopekitten said:
    All i do is put a line of AS5 (i used tape to create a line) and then put the Xigmatek on and tighten until its difficult to tighten more right?

    For what its worth, I put a line of AS5 about the size of a grain of rice in the center of the CPU and then spread it evenly across the entire surface of the CPU, leaving no spot bare. The way you're doing it leaves the potential of a non-covered surface, which could cause uneven heat transfer.

    As far as the tightening of the Xigmatek, if it doesn't wiggle around after you tighten it down, it should be good. Sounds like you did a good enough job with that.
  13. I basicly followed the instructions supplied for AS5, i know it doesn't cover the entire CPU, but i tried your method before, then did this one =P, and guess what, with the offical method, i got lower temps :D.

    Although i think a temp problem may be that i have extra AS5 laying around. I guess ill order some ArtiCleaner along with a new fan

    Edit: Also, any ideas on how to reduce Vcore and not compromise stability? Because lowering the Vcore will decrease my temps aswell.
  14. Ok well have you got a bit of a vaccuum running through your case?
    Purely for reference i have a 120mm fan sucking in the front, Zalman CPU cooler blowing out the back, with assistance of another 120mm sucking it out the back. so theres a steady flow through the cooler. Open your case and look at how you can improve your channel of airflow, on old systems i even cut up 1.25ltr lemonade bottles to make channels and stuff. you can easily drop temps up to 5 degrees that way.

    Now sorry if its a stupid question, but how do i unlink my memory from the cpu? because when i up my FSB it increases the ram frequency, and i dont know how to stop it. so i have to set my DDR2 1066 to something close like 1048 or to Auto.
  15. It's fine if its still linked, just make sure its less than the stock speed. If you go above, you increase instability, if you go below, you increase stability.
  16. Also, any ideas on why i can't boot at a higher NB voltage, (1.2 vs the 1.1 stock). That shouldn't be a problem should it?
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