OCZ Vertex 2 SSD 480MB/s write and 550MB/s read

i was planing on getting two vertex SSDs for a raid0 boot drive should i wait for these or get the normal vertex
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  1. Depends price, never hurts to wait for a next revision if its not too long a wait, Waiting sucks when you want something shiny and new...
  2. I'm suprised to se that Fudzillas MB/s is about 3x of OCZ's quoted speeds. Can't be real.
  3. "The drive is insanely fast as this internal quad raid drive can write at up to 480MB/s and read around 550MB/s, depending on the size of the files."

    Internal Quad RAID??? ya what?

    OCZ's quoted is on the Vertex not the Vertex2 which i believe that OCZ hasnt released figures for (still i see your point the numbers are insane and cant be right)
  4. The numbers are correct, Vertex 2 has internal raid controllers ON the board inside the drive itself, and since SSD scales perfectly these numbers are easily believable. Infact I think these numbers are low myself for a SATA 3.0 device. Internal Quad raid controllers tells me that each controller is supplying writes at only 120 MB/s x 4 = 480 MB/s. OCZ has SSD drives now that do 160 MB/s writes with only one controller on board. i.e Vertex

    What I'm interested in knowing is if it is backwards compatible, and if so, will it run at the full SATA 2.0 bandwidth of 300 MB/s. That is the million dollar question here.
  5. Sorry for digging up this old thread, but since the Vertex 2 is finally announced (and I've already ordered it), it thought it would be nice to clear things up.

    The Vertex 2 has SATA 3Gpbs interface, but no internal RAID. Speeds are 285/275 R/W, 4kb random write: 50 000 IOPS, SandForce controller.

    The Vertex 2 Pro, will not have internal RAID either. That seems to be limited to the PCI-E devices and the Colossus series. However, I've seen e-tailers advertize the Vertex 2 Pro as having the new SATA 6Gbps interface. This is not confirmed, just a rumour, as the Vertex 2 Pro is still not officially announced by OCZ, only on the support forum by official: Tony.


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