Overclock causing BIOS error? Help please!

So I'm trying to overclock a Pentium Dual Core E2200 Conroe @ 2.2ghz stock on an EVGA 7050/630i mobo.

I began incrementing the quad-pumped FSB from 800mhz to 833mhz giving me a CPU speed at about 2.3ghz and memory at its standard of 667mhz. I entered that into the BIOS, soft reset (no power button involved) and did some benchmarking in Windows. Seemed to run fine. Slight improvement in CPU performance with no change in temps or volts. Great!

So I turn off the computer and go get some dinner. When I turn it on later, it gives me a "BIOS checksum" error and demands a bootdisk. After resetting and reflashing the BIOS, its back in shape.

My question is: did the overclock cause the BIOS malfunction? Or was this just some frustrating coincidence? I'm really not looking forward to doing all that again.
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  1. I used to have an old Pentium that used to come up with a checksum error..... the problem was a flat battery.

    Your OC is not exactly pushing things so I doubt that was the problem.
    I'm not familiar with nVidia boards, but with Intel, even if you do an extream OC that fails it will reboot a few times and then reset it self to stock speeds.
  2. I can't find any evga 7050/630i MB model. Is it perhaps a 7150/630i or a 7050/610i?
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