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Extra information/situation. (scroll down to get to the point)
Okay, so in a nutshell, I made a batch file that would rename .minecraft(minecraft's directory) to minecraft(3), then it would rename minecraft(2) to .minecraft, before renaming minecraft(3) to minecraft(2). This effectively allows me to, by the click of a mouse, switch between a modded game directory, and the regular version of the game. The modded directory is also a game version that has support for specific mods, while the regular directory is the up to date version.

But I have one remaining problem. Whichever directory I am playing with at the time of a save, holds the save files in a folder titled "saves", which it must be titled to in order for minecraft to find the saves. This means that the other directory will not have the world saved at the spot I left off in the current directory, so if I switch directories I'd have to copy the saves to the new one, which is about 90% of the space in the whole directory. This would make the batch file - which is basically just for convenience, sense I wouldn't have to copy files - pointless.

So sense minecraft can't read a shortcut file(I tried putting a shortcut to one directories saves to the other, and retitled it from "saves - shortcut" to simply "saves"),
I'm resorting to symbolic links. I'm trying to use a command line with the MKLINK command. But everytime I type in the link and the target, it tells me "Cannot create a file when that file already exists." I've never used this before, and seeing how the first time it was used it gave me this error, I obviously can't actually have the file. So I'm assuming there's something wrong with my command line, which is where I need some help.

Here's my command line:

C:\Users\Noah>MKLINK /J C:\Users\Noah\AppData\Roaming\minecraft(… C:\Users\Noah\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft…

Legit is a folder, titled by minecraft when you create a world. So in other words, I have a world on minecraft named Legit, and in my saves folder, one of the folders is called Legit, and it contains the world's files. In case this is part of the problem, there IS another folder inside of the folder aswell. It is titled region, and contains more files(no folders). The folder in it's entirety contains 2 .dat files, a .lock file, a .settings file, and a folder containing 9 .mcr files.

and as I said before, I'm getting the error, "Cannot create a file when that file already exists."

Thanks for any help
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  1. You mention symbolic link, but your command does not have /d parm ?

    mklink /? for parms
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