Steps i need to do after my new computer is built?

Ok guys i have a question, after i have everything fired up for the first time after mybuild is finished do i install my motherboard disk or do i go straight to my BIOS first, i need to know this because this is my first computer build.Please let me know.

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  1. I would have thought after you have plugged it in and your motherboard BIOS has managed to detect everything without the need for custom BIOS settings, you are then good to go and install the OS.
    It all really depends if custom BIOS settings need to be made, if everything is OK, then just boot up with the OS disk get on with it. If you install Windows the bulk of the drivers will be there anyway, and it will just be a question of installing / downloading the updated drivers.
  2. Some bios defaults to harddisk first, so if your hdd is empty, it won't boot. Set up boot order at least.
  3. Things I usually do in case this helps:

    Put it all together. Insert the Windows CD and follow the usual install prompts. When Windows is installed I usually then install my antivirus software or internet security suite from a CD. Then I try to get an internet connection so I can update the antivirus software first. If I can't get a connection it is often because the motherboard/connection needs the appropriate connection driver off of the cd that came with the motherboard. Once that driver is installed and so long as the internet is connected - then windows will usually detect the connection and you can update your antivirus/security software for peace of mind. When that is done I then update windows. Once that is done I then install other appropriate drivers off of the motherboard CD, update graphics drivers, sound, USB blah blah blah.

    But I take care of the security updates first to put my mind at rest.

    You might never need to touch the bios. I usually don't need to touch it apart from sometimes telling the system which drive to boot from (DVD drive/ C drive etc). Try doing everything without touching the bios at first. On many occasions - you don't need to touch it. I suggest only going into Bios if you have to.

    Good Luck.
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