Will this PSU work with this Motherboard?

I currently have an Asus A7V880 Motherboard with an Enermax 370W PSU.

I'll be upgrading my system and will probably get an MSI P35 Neo2-FR Motherboard and I wanted to know if I'll need to change the PSU or if it'll still be ok.

I'll have an Intel Core 2 Duo CPU, 3 hard drives, 2 optical drives and a passive GPU...
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  1. I've just realised my PSU has a 20 pin and the new motherboard needs a 24 pin... I've read elsewhere that it will still work but does it matter which pins to connect? (i.e. far left or far right?)
  2. It will only fit in one way.
  3. OK cheers I think I'll give it a go don't fancy forking out on a new PSU unless I have to
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