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I’m not real computer savvy and I realize that this question has likely been addressed before but I didn't see any real recent post unless i missed something. I currently have a dell 690 running Windows xp 64 pro. I have 24GB of installed RAM and I run very intensive CAD programs. I'm bound by using the OS listed and desperately need a solution to my problem. The problem is this machine has an abundant amount of RAM and I sometimes see large amounts of pagefile usage (sometimes 17 GB) and I seem to have more than enough RAM left to handle the job and I need bestter performance. I tried adjusting the virtual memory settings several times: system managed, custom with matched and unmatched settings high and low, I’ve seen small improvements but have yet to really make good use of my installed RAM. What can I do to make the best use of my available RAM with the OS that I currently have and reduce the amount of info being written to pagefile? I mean what is the use in having 64-bit machines capable of handling large amounts of RAM if you can’t use it?
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  1. I use Adobe products regularly. I can allocate what percentage of system memory the program will use, leaving the rest for Windows, despite what the pagefile setting is.
    Perhaps your program has similar settings and is set to leave too much memory for Windows?
  2. Good advise but there is no real way to do this that I'm aware of, there are memory settings but they really only effect what the program does if memory is running low(ex. displays warning messages). No setting to tell the program how much its able to use that I know of. Thanks for the reply!
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