Anyone happen to know someone who knows some guy who uses one of these

Just curious! It is an interesting design, really.

Plus several people are interested in this item, for obvious over clocking reasons!

Take a peek, and wonder...

A Review:

Pay extra attention to the heat pipe design.

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  1. Didnt there used to be a few of those floating around years ago??

    I think at the time they were a no no. They were quite expensive, a good air cooler was way cheaper and proper water cooling still worked cooler.

    At that price its well worth a look tho.
  2. I've heard that they have issues with condensation on the cold side of the TEC, which, needless to say is bad for the electronics being cooled :)

    That particular heatpipe design is interesting, but it seems like it's piping cold and hot to the same set of fins, so I'm not sure I see much benefit. I suppose the cold goes to the CPU also, but I'm not sure how that really balances out, in the scheme of things.
  3. i heard its really crap because of its high noise and unmatch to high end air cooler. after all air cooler give best cooling at a reasonable price.
  4. Meh.. I bet a XIGMATEK S1283 would come close to the cooling of that TEC.
  5. actually it will be dancing all over that TEC cooler.
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