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Can anyone help?

Last response: in Systems
January 14, 2008 12:53:36 PM

I finally have some money to spare so I can build myself a new system that's worthwhile. It's been almost 6 painful years with my P4, and I'm ready to ceremoniously burn it in effigy. I've been out of the hardware loop for so long there's a number of questions that I still have even after my recent crash course in all the new developments in PC hardware. If you guys wouldn't mind helping me out with some current info, that would be awesome. I got 5 questions to start with.

1. First off, I'm looking at a C2D CPU, sine the prices have dropped a bit, in particular the E6550.
What is the best memory for them? I remember years ago when I was actively doing work on PC's, that Intel's CPUs benefited from having lower speed RAM than AMD. From what I remember, with AMD's chips it was best to go with DDR2-800, whereas Intel was better off being paired with 533 or 667 RAM. Is this still the case? Or is it best now to go with 800 RAM with a C2D. Does it even matter anymore?

2. Next, I was still kind of considering going with the new AMD Phenom (9500) since it's still the cheapest quad core option out there. Looking at the benchmarks and other posts I can seem to determine if this would really be a bad idea. It seems like a C2D would still be a better choice. Any thoughts?

3. In terms of memory, if one wanted 4 GB, is it better to get 2 sticks of 2GB or 4 sticks of 1GB? With 1GB sticks you usually get lower latency and lower timings, so it would seem like that's the way to go, but I'm not 100% on that.

4. In terms of video cards, are all 8800 GT's using the newer G92 chip? Or is it only some of them? If so, how can you tell?
And what are people's experience so far with the new Radeon 3800's? If they are better then I would definitely go with Radeon instead, but again, the benchmarks I have seen aren't the same as real world results. Anyone using the new 3850 or 3870 with good results?

5. And lastly, let's say a particular video card requires +12V @ 26amps...would a PSU that has +12V1 @ 18amps and +12V2 @ 18amps fulfill this? I'm still fuzzy on these new crazy power requirements, as it was never such a big deal a few years ago. I'm not sure if those two +12V would count as 36amps on or what. Not entirely sure how all of this works now.

Thanks in advance! :D 

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January 14, 2008 1:33:29 PM

Dude,..what sorta budget are we talking about,....1000+?
January 14, 2008 1:54:45 PM

Well, around $800-ish, but that isn't really relevant. My issue is that I have specific questions regarding current hardware (since I'm so behind on everything). I have no problem with finding each part and meeting my budget so no need for anyone to list off all the parts they think I should get.
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