Q6600 high temp 85+ *C while encoding video

Hello friends,

its my first post here and i am sure you guys will help me to solve my problem.
i am having serious temp problem in my brand new Q6600 with DP35DP while encoding, playing WMPlayer or even if its idle.

i will start by giving my specs:

CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4 G0 SLACR (Stock fan)
Mobo: Intel DP35DPM
Bios_version: 0437
RAM: Transcend 4GB (2GB x 2 GB)
GPU: XFX 8800GT AlphaDog 512MB (stock fan)
Case: ThermalTake Armor (normal cooling system with casing - no additional fan) (Updated later - u can read down)
PSU: ToughtPower 750Watt
HD's: Seagate 200GB IDE ATA (Bootable)
Seagate 250GB Sata
Maxtor 1TB Sata
Audio: PCI Creative Audigy 2 7.1
OS: Windows* XP Professional

i am not doing any overclocking. and everything is running with stocked fan even no extra fan was installed on casing. but i used my system and found that temp. is going high. may b i am wrong and may b its normal with this system.

i have also notice that temp was even 60c 52c 53c 56c for all 4 cores and while running windows media player. but later it came down but while doind video encoding and cpu in loaded (not fully) temp goes to 80+

see if its ok or do i need to do something about this temp.

i was told by somebody to change cpu stock fan and apply thermal compound again... so i did it:

removed stocked cpu fan + apply thermal compund and installed new heatsink fan (same like stocked fan - i found 1 free) also added 1 thermaltake 140mm fan on front of the casing but still the same problem.

temp was even more than before. (before encoding was giving temp 78 but after the new compund/fan it was going more than 85

note: i am living in a gulf where weather temp nowadays is around 50c

(i got screen shorts but i don't know how to add here)

thnx in advance.
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  1. The push pins on the heatsink are prob. not all properly installed.

    I would take the mobo out and check to see if all 4 pins are fastened correctly to the back of your motherboard.
  2. Did you apply a line of thermal paste as per these instructions?

  3. Use RealTemp to measure Core temperatures.
  4. If those temps are real, is WAY to hot in your case.
  5. gamerk316 said:
    If those temps are real, is WAY to hot in your case.

    that's what i was thinking. your case probably has a ventilation problem. especially with an 8800GT in there. those things heat up, and if that hot air has nowhere to go, eventually the cpu fan is gonna start using it to "cool" your cpu, which obviously isn't a good thing. take the side off your case and put your hand in there and see if you feel a lot of hot air. if you do, consider adding more fans into your case.
  6. @OP I had a similar issue and I found that my heatsink was not properly mounted. Be 100% sure all 4 pushpins are in and that you applied the thermal paste correctly.

    I would not reccomend the the stock cooler. You said you replaced it, but you did not specify what you got. There are a lot of good 3rd party coolers out there. With your temps, it would be worth it to buy a 3rd party cooler and try again.
  7. Q6600 is notoriously hot. get a good all-copper cooler or a great big alum
    if u have the space. It probably not case flow unless its really poor. More important to just get heat off of chip.
  8. eltouristo said:
    Q6600 is notoriously hot. get a good all-copper cooler or a great big alum
    if u have the space. It probably not case flow unless its really poor. More important to just get heat off of chip.

    Notoriously hot? Compared to what? Sure there are cooler CPUs out there, but a stock Q6600 is not "notoriously hot".
  9. hey no need to wave intel flag. Q6600 is one of the warmest desktop chips
    you can buy. Hotter than later quads and all duos. so yeah compared to everything. what u dont like the word notorious? It's well known for being among the hottest. That's pretty much the definition of notorious. You act like I said imfamous lol (and u r intel fan). Ok how bout a drab 'relatively' hot? Guess it depends on your definition of hot. Not really unacceptably hot, but 'noted' for its sometimes borderline-cause-for-concern heat.
  10. I agree, the problem is most likely bad contact between the heat spreader and the cooler.
  11. no·to·ri·ous (nō-tôr'ē-əs, -tōr'-) Pronunciation Key
    adj. Known widely and usually unfavorably; infamous: a notorious gangster; a district notorious for vice.
  12. the q6600 only ever has temp problems when A) someone installed the heatsink incorrectly (I suspect, OP this is you problem) or B) someone decided it would be a good idea to pump 1.5 volts into it.....
  13. http://www.yourdictionary.com/notorious :
    1. well-known; publicly discussed
    2. widely but unfavorably known or talked about

    Actually notorious can also simply mean famous. I grant you it is 'usually'
    associated with imfamy. So while it wasnt technically incorrect, I could have chosen a better word. Thanks for correcting me. Now we are all better off for it.
  14. I'm taking back any qualification on using notorious.
    It's appropriate. Even if it always meant imfamous, which it doesnt,
    since when is a cpu being known for being relatively hot a good thing?

    notoriety Definition no·to·ri·ety (nōt′ə rī′ə tē)
    the quality or state of being notorious
    pl. -·tiesChiefly Brit. a prominent or well-known person
  15. since u live in a rather hot place + q6600 being "relatively hot"......ur idle temp seems fine. but ur load temp is a concern. even if ur room temp is high, ur pc shouldnt be this hot.....make sure the chasing is not place in a clumsy place but rather in "open" so that it can have open air.make sure that the wirings inside the chasing is not a mess so that it does not prevent air flow. add a fan so that hot air from ur gpu is driven outside. that card can get realy hot. also max out the fan speed of ur gpu using rivatuner. trust me that helps. and finally get a all well reputated cooler for ur PC......best of luck
  16. Problem Solved

    thanks for all your support. and finally i got the solution and fixed the problem. here u can see full remedy:

    took my pc back to work shop and went to BIOS and monitored the System hardware monitor screen for 10 min and found that temp of processor is going down but mother temp is going hight as well as ICH Temp & MCH Temp was seriously getting high. ICH started from 45 and reached to 68 in 10 min. also found that some of the chips on boards are getting heatup and as per instructions checked heatsink by touching it physically and found still cold.

    replaced Quad 6600 to some Duo and again ran BIOS for 10 min and this time same temp.

    replaced motherboard DP35DP to ASUS P4Q Chipset P45 and ran the same test and now temp was ok.

    started Win xp and ran some programs and put max load on cpu. (max was 98%) and RAM use was more than 950MB (total 4 GB on board) but temp didn't cross 58*C (that was max with 98% cpu)

    now idle temp is 40 and load max is 58

    will run more test tonight and will update u...

    again, thanks for all you support....

    now u think my pc setup is ok including new mobo config...

    will try to do OC to get benifits of ASUS mobo

    thnx again
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