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Hi everyone.
Decided to do a reinstall of Windows today and when trying to reinstall the chipset drivers on my Biostar NF4ST-A9 motherboard (nForce 4 AMD), every one installed except the audio. I tried manually installing it, rerunning the driver installer, and whatever else I could think of, but still, nothing. I suspect that something is getting in the way of installing it, but I have absolutely no clue what it might be. Hope somebody can give a little insight to the problem - thanks!
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  1. Tried downloading latest driver from website?
  2. Also, maybe run windows update, sometimes windows might have a decent driver for it. Worth a shot....
  3. I've read on here where there are problems with Realtek and the solution often is to down the drivers from Realtek rather than the mobo mfg site. Of course this assumes it's Realtek
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