512Mb 8800GT Gigabyte

Hi Guys,

I will be upgrading my VGA, CPU and M/B

I already bought Gigabyte 512 Mb 8800GT with PCI.E 2.0 support and Core 2 Duo E8500 3.16ghz

My question is does it make any difference for me to get X38 chipset if I am running single VGA.

Which I dont know if I go ever SLI.

Having X38 with PCI.E 2.0 port vs P35 Chipset has only PCIE1.0 does the PCI.E 2.0 will give me any performance difference with 8800GT?

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  1. No, you will see no performance difference with PCi E 2.0, because PCi ex 16 isn't a bottleneck yet.
  2. You can't SLI the x38 without using hacked drivers anyways. So the P35 seems like a better choice in your situation.
  3. You can use SLI mobos with a single gfx card you just have to make sure the jumper settings are correct
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