A couple of anti-static questions

1. Is a wooden table a suitable working area?

2. I have an anti-static wristband with a crocodile clip end, what would you recommend clipping it to?
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  1. 1) wood will do
    2) clip it to something metal...
  2. 1) Sure. If it's a metal table, put a large cardboard or bunch of newspapers on it. Then put your mobo on its box.

    2) Not anything hooked to a power outlet.
  3. Wood is good.

    Clip it to the case, bare metal, and have the PSU installed and plugged into the outlet.
  4. wait a minutes, I thought wood, paper,cardboard are bad choice to working with senstive electronic componment, becasue the static build up has no place to go till find a least resistance route to the ground.
    i work for a test equipment company, we are not allowed to touch any open frame without wrist strap on, we aren't allow the paper touch the board, we even grounded the rubber mat on the table. put pc board straight on the table is big no no.
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