Biostar boards?

Does anyone know anything about this board? Biostar P4M900-M4. I ran across it on ebay its the only board I have seen that has PCI-Express for 478 chips. I have read that you can't use it with G92 or HD3800's graphics cards though. Anyone have any experience with this board?
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  1. I think you should look a little harder. I think it's for a 479m chip.............. don't waste your money.
  2. Honestly, with a socket 478 p4 you will probably be limited by that cpu anyways. I would say a new GPU with an outdated p4 like that would definitely not be wise. I would ask whats the point, but then budget does come to mind.

    With DDR2 prices so low compared to back a year or even 2 years ago it might be time to just upgrade your whole box man.

    That being said, I myself have owned a Biostar board years ago (socket A Athlon XP 2100+). It was my first build and it was actually a solid board. I never had problems with it.
  3. budget is a huge concern here so this board would make some sense for people in my position. It is definitely a 478 board. I have a dell 3.06 Precision 350, so I could conceivably sell the 1Gb of PC-1066 on my board now, sell my AGP card, buy this board plug my CPU in and get an geforce 8800 series and be good to go with a modern Graphics card. 2Gb of DDR2 667mhz is around $50. Therefore I shouldn't have to put out a dime. Granted it won't be as fast as the rigs you guys have that like to bash people for upgrading old rigs! But it should provide decent gaming performance till Nehlam comes out. I have been scratching together a gaming LAN so every computer counts.
    So If anyone has actually used this board let me know how it worked out. Also do you think XMS2 pc-5400 memory would work with this board?
  4. a dual core modern cpu is about $50, single core AM2s start even lower.
    slap it in an AM2+ mobo and your good to upgrade cpu for the next couple of years

    dont waste your money on a rellic just because you've got it.
    the term beating a dead horse comes to mind.
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