What mobo should I get, need PCI-e x16 and x8?

I am building a PC for video editing.

8gb ram 2gb x 4
8600GT PCI-e x16
Areca 1210 RAID 5 PCI-e x8 controller

Any suggestions on a good mobo that has a minimum of (1) PCI-e x16 and (1) PCI-e x8 slot?

Also I see some mobo listed with: 1 x PCI-E X16, 1 x PCI-E X16 (x4 bandwidth)

Could someone explain this? I am guessing it's only using x4?

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  1. if you aren't considering using SLI at some point (& I guess that you aren't) probably best to get an X38 chipset mobo e.g. Asus P5E, abit IX38 QuadGT etc.
    Would probably stay away from the Gigabytes though as they don't seem to get a good rep on the forums.
  2. Go with 680i or 780i if you plan to sli. Otherwise, see above.
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