Nvidia 8800GT not compatible with all motherboards?


I already have an Nvidia 8800GT and I'm now looking for a new motherboard. Doing some research I found out that the Nvidia 8800GT is not compatible with all motherboards. Particularly because the pcie 2.0 is not completely backwards compatible.

When I read the features of motherboards on the market, they dont say what version pcie they are.

Based on what I can find on the forums, a general rule is that most chipsets after November 2006 can support the Nvidia 8800GT.

So I was wondering if anybody knows any other indicators that a motherbord will support the 8800GT?

Also does anybody know if the Gigabyte N650SLI-DS4L supprts the 8800GT?

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  1. yes - all new ones should be ok
    i had issues with nforce 4 chipset for amd

    very shocking! when u get a dead pc and sped $600 on 2 sli cards
  2. ohh...I feel your pain.

    As another question. Which company has more support on addressing this issue? EVGA, XFX or Gigabyte?
  3. Not Gigabyte...probably.
  4. I have nForce 4 and AMD as well, and I am seeing no issues with my 8800GTS 512.

    AMD X2 4200+
    8800GTS 512
    SB Audigy2 ZX
    2GB generic ram
    150GB WD Raptor
    Vista x64 Home Premium
  5. Asus and MSI are the only ones to have reported this problem (which isn't to say others aren't experiencing it, they are the only ones to report).

    It seems to be on MoBos that support only PCIe 1.0 and usually in asymetric setups, like some SLi or multi-PEG setups where one slot is PCIe 1.0A / 1.1 and the other is 1.0 and it's the lower speed plain 1.0 that seems to be having problems.

    As for support for MoBos I personally find Gigabyte's support great, but not sure what their take is on this issue and if they have any better/worse support than others.
  6. Well regarding my board, P35C DS3R, there is this endless boot cycle issue, which Gigabyte has not fixed. A new rev came out though.
  7. :bounce: I'm just hoping for a smooth, painless but fruitful transition. :sweat:
  8. Oh crap! I have a Gigabyte Geforce 6100, would an 8800gt work on it?
  9. ive got an MSI kN Neo-4 Platinum, and im totally astounded as you are! It supports PCIE 1.0a compliant PCIx16 slot.. and im still wondering whether it will?! I was abt to buy the gt today.. when this popped up!
  10. I had an MSIp6N Diamond that I managed to sometimes boot up and run with the 8800GT-512 but it would every now and then loose its mind and can't see the video card. Motherboard flash updates don't help.

    It is hard to expect too much when the packaging claims "Supports 2 PCI-E x16 or 4 PCI-E x 8 bandwith upgrated." Their mispelling not mine.

    I hope to swap the mother board out for better reults.
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