How high can you take an e2140 ON STOCK COOLING

so, how high can it get? also, how high can it get with a very cheap cooler? (i'm vaguely wondering about budget upgrades...., x2 4200 is ok, but im starting to feel i want DDR2 memory and stuff)
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  1. 3.0-3.2Ghz Most likely depending on you particular cooler.

    Perhaps a little higher, but that should be plenty for must things.
  2. It depends almost entirely on how lucky you are with the chip but on stock most e2140's will get to 2.6, alot will get to 2.8 and some will get to 3.0 GHz ... though you need to keep an eye on temperatures as you find out the max you can get.

    With decent air cooling ... most = 2.8-3.0, some 3.2 and higher, a few 3.5.

    Once you start getting to the higher clocks though, it comes down to the motherboard quite a bit. Also the BSEL mod can help as some of the e2xxx series hit a low FSB cieling which the BSEL mod helps remove.
  3. what is the BSEL mod? (never heard of it)
  4. I believe he was referring to a pin mod, which I suspect is the same:

    E4300 Pin mod

    Old thread by Ninja awhile back.
  5. ok... so..... calculating - assume 3.0 ghz.... then about 20% clock for clock due to architecture..... that would be..... 150% of my x2 4200? (which is OC'd.... but not much - my mobo is **** - another reason to go with this... :P)
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