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Question on Tom's Hardware Reference Mobo / CPU Cooler

Last response: in Systems
January 14, 2008 8:10:38 PM

I am using the same Asus P5E3 Mobo and Zalman CNPS9700LED cooler that Tom's Hardware reference system is going to use. I have questions about cooling and direction of the cooler.

First - orientation:
I have a 140 mm fan in front of the case, 120 mm in the back, and the PSU also has a 140 mm fan which I assume to be blowing out the top. The picture on the reference system shows the zalman pointing up, I was going to point it to the back fan. Is there a preference, there's both a fan in back and in top. Which brings me to the second part.

Second - Cooling surrounding components
I read on the reference system description that because the Zalman 9700 blows unidirectionally that the voltage regulators won't be cooled...but the article doesn't say what to do. I tried to use the clip on little coolers that were included in case you have a liquid cooled system instead of a CPU fan, however those little fans won't fit on the copper fins because the Zalman is so massive. Will the air movement in the case be sufficient to transfer the heat off the heat pipe fins. This might also play a role in the answer to the orientation question.

I would appreciate any advice someone can give.

Thanks, Digiman
January 16, 2008 11:23:08 AM

1) No, not a good idea to further heat up the psu. cpu fan should blow out the rear fan.

2) Don't worry about the other components. The most important is the psu, cpu & gpu. Keep 'em cool. As long as there's a 120mm intake & exhaust fan or bigger, it's fine.