Overclocking q6600 on p5w dh

I have not had any luck hitting the "free" overclock of 3.0Ghz with stability. Leaving all the bios settings on auto and only changing the bus speed, core 0 fails within .04 seconds in prime95. Idle temps range from 35-39 on the 4 cores. Ambient temperature in the room is about 73-75 fahrenheit. I tried setting the core voltage in the bios to the specified VID of 1.325, and it didnt help. At stock clock speeds, CPU-Z shows the idle voltage at 1.32-1.3218, under load it drops down to about 1.28-1.30.

All CPU related settings in the bios are disabled (EIST, TM1, ect.) I also tried changing the settings for MCH, ICH, and FSB Termination Voltage and set them to values in which they showed up in white (setting them higher would change them yellow, and then red).

System Specs;

Q6600 - G0 VID 1.325
Zalman 9500
Antec P180
Antec Earthwatts 500
4x1GB Kingston HyperX
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  1. Bump the vcore up to 1.4 then try...
  2. I had the vcore at 1.35, and it seemed to hold fine in 10 minutes in prime95. Load temps were hitting the low 60s though. I wasnt sure if that was acceptable or not.
  3. The P5W northbridge gets very hot and it is also subject to voltage problems and leaky caps.
    I went through a 3 board swapout with Asus recently after my southbridge raid controller failed.
    So while I was waiting for Asus to send a good board back to me I bought a;
    and it's working fine. Stability seems really good with the DFI board.
    I would also recommend these boards too:
    Knowing that Asus can't test a board and send it out after RMA, puts me in a non buying mode when I comes to Asus.
  4. What are some good voltage values to set the north bridge and south bridge at?
  5. I am running my E6600 at 3.0 ghz currently on my p5w dh deluxe (Vcore 1.325) stable. try to start putting the vfsb to 1.40 and northbrigde to 1.55. find the right Vcore and then try to minimize the voltages.

    btw, i had mine up on 3.6 with all voltages on MB cranked fully up, max voltage. vcore was 1.45 but it was running to hot (65 on cores prime95 load) so i am buying a new heatsink.. problably the XIGMATEK HDT-S1283. Should take down the temp more so i can run stable 3.6 ghz..

    I currently have the zalman 9500.

    with 3.0 ghz stoc Vcore i am running 26 idle and 43 load on both cores.
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