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Hello,We have image of XP of dell laptop,while doing imaging on Acer laptop with same image its taking abt 1 hr .Network card difference is identified,pls suggest any solution to use same image
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  1. Please explain the problem with more details.
    A long process time on the Acer computer can be caused by insufficient RAM memory, a less powerful processor, computer connected through a wireless router instead of a wired internet connection, too many processes running on the Acer computer, anti virus software using too many system resources, possible malware infection in Acer, and other causes.
  2. If your saying your trying to use a dell XP disk on an acer laptop, then yes it should work fine. Just change the key to your acer key after install. You will likely need to find the drivers yourself.
  3. Hi,
    Thanks for your reply,my problem is from Ghost server we are deploying image (which is of Dell Laptop) on Acer laptop, and its atking more time.
    Dell laptop possess Brodcam Network card and Acer has Realtek Network card,so any solution for this so that same image can be deploy in less time.
  4. You can't use a Ghost image for a Dell laptop on an Acer one. There's too much difference in hardware.
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