Powercolor x1950 crashing/artifacts. please help


I just became a reader of TomsHardware and was inspired to build my own rig. Everything runs great accept my powercolor x1950 pro crashes/artifacts in games (it's fine in 2d,windows). I've tried different drivers and nothing seems to work.

The two games I've tried are the witcher and Medieval 2 and both give me about 1 to 2 minutes of perfect gameplay until a crash. I've downclocked my board using tray tools from (core 594 to 480 and mem from 695 to 560). Doing this lets me play both games for about 10 minutes before the usual artifacts/and crash.

It's not a heat issue because the board doesn't even have a chance to get hot. I'm starting to think that I got a bad board.

Anyone know what the problem is and also, I've noticed that there is a jumper on the board. I've searched every where (manual, google) and I still don't know what it does. Thanks you for the read.

My system specs:
intel dual core e2180
asus p5n-e sli mobo
2 gigs wintex mem
500 gig seagate hd sata
psu seasonic m12 700w
windows xp sp1 (could this be the problem?)
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  1. 10 min is plenty of time for the GPU to get to temp. How is your case air flow? Ambient room temp? Inside case temp in 10 min? Is the fan still on low on the GPU after 10 min?
  2. Ohh DL ATITool and run the 3d view, watch the board/GPU temps.
  3. hell... one minute or two are more than enough to overheat any GPU.
  4. Which revision of the board do you have? The one with the reference cooler (red plastic one that covers the whole side if the card) or the new one with the other cooler that looks like this http://www.powercolor.com/Global/bigpic.asp?p=http://www.powercolor.com/global/images/assets/PCIE_X1950_X1950%20PRO%20256MB/PSD/image_a_xs.jpg
  5. thanks for the replies guys, I really don't think it's overheating. I don't know the specs of my case fans but I believe that the front one is 14 cm in diamater and the side one (1/2 away from the graphics card) is huge. I think its 25 cm.

    last time i checked case temp, it was 30-40

    the psu has plenty of power and my powercolor has a black fan on it. after playing any game, the card feels slightly warm but not hot. I touched all the parts on it.

    I think tomorow I'm gonna go the safe route and downgrade to a nvidia 8600.
  6. Oh so you got this cooler on it?

  7. yes sir, thats the devil herself
  8. Well that cooler is very good, I got this poop:

    Yours is alot quieter and alot cooler. Perhaps the card is faulty? Mine runs very loud because the cooler sucks, but it never artifacts.
  9. yea i got that brand because i heard so many good things about it. The strange thing that I don't get is after i got the card shipped from newegg, they were out of stock of it. In fact, i can't even find that version (256 mb) on there anymore. Maybe, i received the last card that they had and it happends to be the one that has been returned a few times (probably for the same artifact/crash reasons).

    Either way, thanks for the help and I'm going to have to RMA it.
  10. If it's been returned after use, it would have to be listed as open-box I think. Somebody who actually buys stuff from the egg would have to clarify that.
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